Guide to Pharmacies: Index


Gibraltar has a number of well stocked and run pharmacies providing for the needs of the local community and visitors.

However, it should be stressed that the do not sell prescription drugs without presentation of the proper paperwork. The range of products held is greater than across the frontier in Spain and many British residents of the adjoining area prefer products labeled in their native language.

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Baglietto Pharmacy 
61 Governor's Street 
Telephone Number: 76822 
Bell Pharmacy 
27 Bell Lane 
Telephone Number: 77289 
Fax Number: 42989 
Calpe Centre Pharmacy 
3 Casemates Hill 
G9 International Commercial Centre 
Main Street 
Telephone Number: 77977 
Calpe Pharmacy Ltd 
93 Main Street 
Telephone Number: 77230 
Calpe Pharmacy Ltd 
232 Main Street 
Telephone Number: 77231 
Crown Pharmacy 
4 Casemates Square 
Telephone Number: 78598 
Fax Number: 42512 
Louis' Pharmacy 
F12 ICC Centre 
Telephone Number: 44797 
Fax Number: 44845 
Mill Pharmacy 
21/21a City Mill Lane 
Telephone Number: 50554 
Fax Number: 50554 
New Chemist 
19 Main Street 
Telephone Number: 45039 
Valmar Pharmacy 
11A Main Street 
Telephone Number: 74971