100 ton gun The Gibraltar 100 ton gun was restored to working condition but has not been test fired until September 29th when it was fired at noon simultaneously with its twin in Malta to mark the Calpe 2002 conference held in Gibraltar to explore the heritage links with Malta.

The Conference Details

Here is a picture just after the gun was fired, taken from a safe distance.

There was some controversy after it was suggested that local residents needed to open their windows and remove parked cars from the area to prevent possible damage and the charge used was reduced from 25lb to 10lb gunpowder which is a fraction of what would be used if the gun were fired in anger.

The green coloured gun is a WW2 anti-aircraft gun co-located at the site, and the area is normally open as a tourist attraction with everything restored to its original working condition.

It was a substantial bang, but the windows did not rattle, however at full charge things might be different ...

This is a 16 bit .wav file of the actual firing, next time the volume will be turned further down.

Download Audio file [401 kb]

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