Gibraltar Online Services
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Sapphire Networks Ltd
Full service ISP Started January 1996
As GibNet Limited (changed Name in 2005)
Operate the .gi NIC
Substantial fibre and microwave international connectivity
with full redundancy.
Dial up PPP ADSL & Private circuits
Web design and hosting
e-commerce solutions
Datacentre rackspace
Private circuits, Dial up lines using V90 and ISDN
Located in the same building as major gaming companies

Gib Telecom
Full service ISP started October 1997
High capacity links via Spain, to the UK, and microwave via Morocco
with full redundancy.
Dial up PPP access, ADSL private circuits 64k and up
Web hosting
Datacentre rackspace
Dial up lines using V90 and ISDN
ADSL service up to 8mbs

Parent company is the main telecom operator in Gibraltar.

CTS Telecom
Full service ISP started 2007
High capacity links via Spain
ADSL, private circuits, WIMAX, 3G Wireless

Alternative telecom operator in Gibraltar.

Equant Networks
Formerly called SITA the dedicated airline communications network
Equant connects key business centers in 220 countries and territories,
with local support in 165 countries.

Equant serves thousands of the world's top companies with an extensive
portfolio of managed network services, including the market-leading IP VPN
used by more than 950 global businesses.

Equant is a member of the France Telecom Group and has a Gibraltar data centre.

Interlink Communications Limited

The Interlink BBS was the first public access
Gibraltar online system, started 1986 at 300bps.
Currently offering Internet email services,
Web hosting on own server
Design, and consultancy.