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Gibraltar buses get new routes and go free
Details of the new numbers and routes
and the service to the frontier
The currency of Gibraltar is the Pound Sterling
Here is its history and details of the new release
of notes and the five pound coin.
The Royal Gibraltar Regiment
Fire guns and do all those things good soldiers do at
home and abroad.
Gibraltar residents have ID cards
But unlike the proposed UK scheme these minimal cards are useful for travel purposes.
Iberia Airlines operate Gibraltar service
As a result of the Cordoba Agreement, (2006) all restrictions on the use of the Gibraltar airport have been dropped by Spain and Iberia started a Madrid service.
Campaign to vote in EU Elections
Despite having joined the EEC with Britain, implementing directives etc, the residents of Gibraltar were the only EU citizens denied the right to vote for the assembly. This is the full story.
Images of Gibraltar
It is often said that a picture speaks a thousand words, so here are a lot of words about Gibraltar as seen through my lens.
The Airport
One of the first things most tourists see, and regularly visited by most residents. One of the shortest runways, and crossed by a main road. Gibraltar airport is unique.
National Day
September 10th is celebrated as National Day, and is the aniversary of the referendum in the sixties which lead to the Gibraltar Constitution with internal self-Government.
The Tercentenary
In August 2004 Gibraltar celebrated 300 years as a British territory, the Gibraltarians encircled the rock, and the Royal Navy were awarded the freedom of the City.
Tall Structures
There is a lot of fuss about tall ships and buildings in the vicinity of the airport for safety reasons - however there is one very tall structure adjacent to the runway.
Modern Bus service
In April 2004 the new larger vehicles took to the road providing a modern service with air conditioning inside and less pollution from the rear.
Gibraltar 100 ton gun fired
In conjunction with the Gibraltar-Malta Calpe 2002 heritage conference the 100 ton gun was fired in conjunction with its twin in Malta at noon on Sunday 29th September 2002.
The Largest Gibraltar Demonstration Ever
To affirm support for the Gibraltar Governments position on the sell out of Gibraltar's sovereignty to Spain.
attended by 25,000 people in a population of under 30,000
A statement regarding the rights of the Gibraltarians and a protest demonstration regarding the exclusion from EU legislation as a result of Spanish pressure on the UK.
Significant texts about Gibraltar
A number of relevent documents, like the Treaty of Utrecht, the Brussels agreement, and a selection of speeches and comment about the issues of the Rock.
The Fishing dispute
The Spanish are known internationally for fishing illegally and when compounded with the ongoing territorial dispute its a recipe for trouble.
The Invasion
One of the more bizzare events was the 'invasion' in 1998 by a Spanish right wing group who tore down the Union Jack and briefly flew their flag. They escaped lynching, but not jail.
Spanish Censor the Internet
webcams were installed publisise the frontier queues, Spain replied by erecting a 'net' of their own to obscure them.
The Election count
The election count takes a long time and computers are essential to predict the outcome. Here are pictures of all the systems at work on the night.
The Voice of Gibraltar Group
A group which campaigns to increase awareness of the harrassment from Spain and to further the rights of the Gibraltarians.